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Musician * Photographer


To create and educate with music and art.


To impact the lives of individuals through sound, the arts, and advocacy.


Creating art and providing services both in America and West Africa.

Music & Art Summary

Currently, I am a photo artist, social worker and world-class musician. For over forty- years I have shared with the world my passion for people, music, and art. Performances have taken me on three different continents, representing America’s music, with some of her most prestiges master musicians. I have extensively toured the US, Canada, Europe, and Japan and recorded with jazz and rhythm & blues artist Jimmy Reed, Bill Doggett, Little Johnny Taylor, Rufus Thomas, Pine Top Perkins, Jeri Brown, and Robert Lockwood Jr. As a leader, I have led the Rollin Clayton Project for approximately 25 years.

As a photo artist, I choose to look for photographs and artistic themes where one would least expect to find them. Jazz and blues, both musical genres I am associated with were developed in urban areas across America. It is urban America, people, and music that continue to be the central theme for my artwork. To sum things up, I now look for the good and beauty in the world, and spend my time and energies as an artist, musician, and social worker.

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